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    "Dealt with by friendly professional staff " | Flightcatchers Review

    Last updated 2 years ago

    I found the application for a visa with esta really good. I put down the email address incorrectly but when I rang up to give the correct one, this was dealt with immediately. My mistake was corrected and we now have our visa's. Dealt with by friendly professional staff who acted very promptly on our behalf. Thank you. More
    Hazel Dilley

    Wherever you decide to go, get in touch with Flightcatchers on 020 3582 8414 to book flights to Australia, America, Africa and any destination throughout the world.

    "Excellent Service and highly satisfied!" | Flightcatchers Review

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Excellent Service and highly satisfied! SID was very patient with everything, and took time to sort everything out. Had a problem with my 'online banking' and it was sorted out in minutes - as SID gave me another way to sort the problem out, easy and efficientlly without hassle. I couldn't of asked for anything more. I highly reccomend this to... More
    Palis Khan

    Top 3 Free Places to Visit in Sydney

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Sydney has an incredible number of attractions and sights to see. But what should you do when you’re on a budget? Simple, you track down the free activities to do in the city. Here are the top three free places that you can go to in Sydney:

    1. Paddy’s Markets

    Started in 1834, Paddy's Markets are a must visit for those who like to find an extensive selection of vendors that sell everything from funky T-shirts to produce to vintage LPs. There are two locations in the city and you could spend days wandering the stalls. Both markets are open in the weekends (the Haymarket location is also open on Thursdays). The souvenirs might look a bit tacky, but you'll discover plenty of other fascinating good buys in these lively markets.

    2. Bondi Beach

    This beach is Sydney’s most favourite shoreline. It’s the perfect place to relax and take a break from Sydney’s hustle and bustle since it’s the closest beach to the city centre. Did you know that this particular beach has been used as a location for many TV series and films, both local and international?

    3. The Rocks Discovery Museum

    Enjoy the free admission to the Rocks Discovery Museum, which combines interactive technology with archaeological artefacts. This museum can be found in the Rocks area, which is the oldest section in Sydney (which also happens to be the oldest city in Australia). It has several beautiful heritage buildings, street markets, cobblestone lanes and interesting streets to explore.

    Discover more of this remarkable city’s freebies by booking your flights to Sydney with or by calling 020 3582 8414.

    Top 3 Free Activities to Experience in Hong Kong

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Interested in experiencing Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle but you don’t have much cash to spare? Worry no more, because we have put together a freebie list of activities to do in Asia’s second most expensive city.

    1. Symphony of Lights

    Visit the Victoria Harbour to see the beautiful Symphony of Lights show (played at 20.00hr every night). This light show displays colourful laser beams and search lights that is synchronized to music. It was officially recorded as the Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show' by Guinness World Records, which makes it a must-see and it doesn’t cost a penny!

           2.  Chinese tea ceremonies

    There is so much more to drinking Chinese tea than one’s ever thought of! Visit the Museum of Tea Ware to learn something new in the free tea appreciation class and view their rare collection of Chinese tea implements, utensils, cups and tea pots. The old fashioned colonial building of the museum is also an attraction itself. The museum regularly holds tea events and lectures for tourists. We highly recommend you to register for all classes in advance by calling or visiting any Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centre throughout the area.

          3.   Tai Chi Class

    Offered on part of the Hong Kong Cultural Kaleidoscope Programme, this free Tai Chi class is worth trying out! It’s amazing to feel relaxed especially in the morning. This class usually takes place in the outdoors of the Sculpture Court of the Hong Kong Museum of Art (which is also free of admission on Wednesdays).

    Discover more of this spectacular city’s free activities by booking your flights to Hong Kong with or by calling 020 3582 8414.

    Common Misconceptions About Thai Food

    Last updated 2 years ago

    We recently read the 7 biggest misconceptions about Thai food and thought that we would cover 3 of our favourites:

    1. Unless it has “burn the roof of your mouth” chillies in the dish, it is not authentic.

    Spice is merely an ingredient in the dish and a component in the overall flavour. Just like how a painter utilises colour to paint a beautiful picture, a cook will use spice to add an element of flavour that will mix with other flavours to create the overall dish. It is true that some dishes are supposed to be hot, like a Thai tom Yum Soup is originally eaten hot and spicy, and these dishes get the a lot of attention and coverage from tourist and food writers, but with many Thai dishes, necessary heat from spice is not always a requirement.

    2. Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand

    Although Pad Thai is a popular street food dish, especially among foreigners, it is not the signature dish of Thailand. Pad Thai directly translates into “Thai style stir fried noodles”. Let’s face it, no country is going to name their national dish as some simple stir fried noodles.

    3. Use chopsticks to eat Thai food.

    It might be that chopsticks are well suited for Thai food, but the traditional way of eating is with the right hand. It was common practice for Thais to use sticky rice and roll it into balls and then dip it into sauces. Nowadays, forks and spoons are used widely across the country.

    Are you planning a trip to Thailand to indulge in the food and learn more about the exotic culture? Book your flights to Bangkok with Flightcatchers or call 020 3582 8414 for more information.

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